Being Inspired


The name for my brand came to me when brainstorming what I would like my future to reflect.

 I thought about my past and how I have overcome quite a few jumps and bumps and thought what could be a better name?

In the grand scheme of things when you change something in your life. It could be anything for the better, health, fitness or future things? You can inspire someone else in your life to make a change in their own life creating a domino effect.

Enter social media, where we share our progress, our news, and our lives more each day. People are inspired by strangers more and more each day, each post and each status.

The name was born when I thought about how many times I have been inspired by another person’s decision to change. I am in the process of creating a clothing line, one that carries this brand name.

 It was very important to me to find tanks that fit all sizes because clothing sucks these days if we are going, to be honest about it. I have tanks that are an XL and fit like a medium and labels and numbers are just that but deep inside it always gets me. It was important for me to find clothing that would fit true to size or slightly bigger.

 I remember when I first started working out, at the start of my journey and 2X was more expensive than a large, there was nothing fun or inspiring for me at that size. I would write words on a tank with a sharpie- which leads to several times being covered in it from the sweat transfer and having to redo it after every wash.

The biggest message that stuck in my head from this? Was that I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t able to fit into “normal” sized clothing and couldn’t have the fun workout clothes, the inspiring words written across my front. This is the opposite message I wanted to bring with me when I decided to create a clothing line because you are ENOUGH.


I want the clothing line to be more than funny words written across your chest, inspiring quotes and motivating words. Sure, I am sarcastic as heck, I am sure I will have ideas that show that, as well as words to inspire.

 For working out? Getting dressed is half the battle, once you have them on, well then you have to workout.

Be The Inspiration can span across more than clothing,

I want to be able to help people in the future when I am certified to be a personal trainer.

I know that I can help people in less time than it took me to trial and error this weight loss journey.

 I want to become an advocate and have a non-profit organization one day for domestic violence survivors.

This name covers the span of everything I stand for, promote and want for the future, three words that could make an impact on the world.

Be The Inspiration

Self-Love ~ Health~ Change



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