Where do I start? How do I stay on track?


When I decided I didn’t want to be obese anymore, it wasn’t a temp thing. I didn’t google “How to lose 100 lbs fast!”, I looked at many different things. I honestly started thinking you had to drop everything and go cold turkey basically. It didn’t fly for me, it was a crazy shock to my system- I cut out crap for months slowly. Each week something else would be cut out of my diet and I would add some more distance to walking.

Now it doesn’t work like that for me, I must be 100% in clean eating for almost two weeks before I can have a cheat meal or anything outside my macros. People change and the beauty about us all? We are all different, what works for me, might not work for you. I do have some solid advice that I think can go across the board, it’s not a diet, it’s not a sure-fire way, its nothing like that.

First and foremost, you must step out of your comfort zone- even just a little. I know its scary, I do it a lot. They do say the edge outside your zone is when change happens or something cool like that. So, look at yourself, not just for losing weight, maybe you want to gain weight, maybe you want to take a career change, maybe you want to make some sort of life change. Whatever it is, really look at it. Ask yourself “How bad do I want this? How badly do I want to work for this? How much am I going to look back in 20 years and think fuck what if I had tried that?

These questions are important because I think if you don’t have goals, you’re just dreaming and if you are just dreaming are you even living?

These questions will help you, develop your WHY. Why do you want to change? Why do you want to take this leap? Why do you want to do this?

For me most of it revolves around my children- I didn’t want them to be ashamed because kids are cruel and mean even though sometimes they innocently ask- “why is your mom so fat” it’s just by nature, sometimes they don’t mean to be mean.

I wanted to be around for them, I wanted a future that didn’t involve me sitting on the sidelines because I was so unfit I couldn’t chase them.

I wanted to show them, that no matter what you want? You must put your heart and soul into, work like hell and sacrifice some fun to get it.

I also wanted to feel better about myself, my body, my image. I won’t lie- I wanted to and still do prove to all the people in my life that doubted and doubt me that I am so much more than what they think I am.

Your WHY will keep you on track, well it helps.


Allowing yourself to be a beginner, no one starts off being the best. If you did, do you think you’d even want to try as hard? If you are just starting to work out? It’s going to hurt, it really will. At first, I could only work out 3 days in a row, but I noticed how hard it was to get back into it if I took anymore than 2 days off in a row. For me, it was easy to give up, but I had to keep going I remembered my way and pushed on.

I did a couple different things that visually helped me see the change:

  • I wrote down in a book, my weight change, and
  • I kept two vases, one had rocks in it and the other started empty when I lost a pound or more it went into the empty one. It was cool to see.
  • I wrote down the weight I wanted to lose in columns, 280,279,278 etc. downward and I crossed off each time I went down.
  • I sold all my bigger clothes or gave them away if I went down a size I got rid of all the old. Giving me no way to go back to the old weight I was because I would need to spend money I didn’t have on new clothes or be naked.

These things really did help me, it became a competition with myself, I am naturally competitive, and this really helped me.


For cravings, I did have treats here and there- still do.

But I found drinking more water helped, you read about it and I know maybe roll your eyes, but I swear it works!

Brushing my teeth really helped, because toothpaste makes everything taste like ass after you eat it lol.

BCAA’s helped my sweet tooth a lot, I didn’t have a ton of knowledge on them at the start, but they helped me with my pop addiction. I used to drink probably 8-12L a week of Pepsi…. Ew now that I think of that. The switch over to more water- it sucks, personally I love water, but I can see how it gets dull for people. Find what works for you, these little tricks and tips, they help, and you stay on track.

When you see results and progress? You get addicted and then it’s a lot easier to keep chasing your goals and crushing your limits.


Starting is really the hardest part, staying on the track till it is a habit is hard. But I believe everyone can do it because everyone can be what they want to be!

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to stay on track?

Be The Inspiration

Self Love~Health~Change

2 thoughts on “Change”

    1. No question is ever stupid!
      BCAA’s (my spelling was wrong lol) are branched chained amino acids, they come in pill or powder form, Generally several different flavors.
      So they helped with the sweet cravings because they taste sweet sometimes or sour. They help you recover after working out

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