Staying on track

Today I couldn’t honestly think of anything to write and my morning was a gong show and now I have feral children running around because March break is GREAT lol.

However, I didn’t have time, as in I couldn’t pull my ass out of bed first thing this am because the time change is seriously messing with me. However instead of making excuses to not work out, well I did it anyway. What keeps me on track though? What keeps me from doubting myself & what do I do with unsupportive people who enter my life.

I have my why, why I do these things every day over and over, having your WHY is the best thing to have, why do you want to do this? If you have a few reasons, you can’t skip over all of them. I have a home gym in my garage.

Honestly, I have been to the gym several times, but I have more excuses to not than I do to go. In the beginning, I worked out in my living room, my own room, and then I built and added to my garage gym which now is one of my favorite places to be. I started with only a few dumbbells and I moved upward from there, you don’t need the gym machines to get results. I’m more than proof of that. Excuses not to go to the gym included child care, hours I like to workout, at first it was because I didn’t want to go to the gym at all, I didn’t want to look foolish, I didn’t want to be that obese person in the gym.


I have books upon books, of different workouts I have done, listed by days, telling myself at the top of the page that I could do it! At first, it sucks, it just does. There is nothing I can say that doesn’t make it suck less. It hurts- boy does it hurt, and you want to die sometimes. Now I love that pain, I love waking up the next morning and feeling the muscles I have worked. I track everything, macros, calories, water intake, everything- it makes it easier for me to stay accountable. My fitness pal I have a 1442-day streak, it has become like breathing really- I must enter what I have eaten no matter what. I use Beachbody when I am not lifting, I am a person who gets bored very easily, so I don’t follow the programs to a T- I make up a lot of my own hybrids of programs because I am aware of my weakness of boredom. I also use pre workout to amp up my energy to knock out hour workouts.

Meal prep is needed, I use to be very strict and on point on this, I need to get back to that again, but I am aware that I have fallen from the meal prep even though it makes my life easier. The results that come, they take time but the addiction to results is real and it makes you stay on track.


Believing in yourself is hard, I know it is. I know how hard it can be, at times I think my why was used more than believing in myself. Self-care is very important though and you need to remember that you matter, you are doing this for a reason, no matter how hard it is. I still struggle with believing in myself, but you do your best, using motivational and inspirational posters over my walls and in my gym have helped so much. I have inspirational tanks and workout wear although not expensive, they push me to get out in the gym because they are fun, or they inspire me to push harder. Clothing… how is that even an inspiration right? But it has helped me a lot. I’m a sucker for words and messages on a shirt, they make me remember why I can DO THIS.

unnamed (3)

Unsupportive people & supportive people, I can tell you in my experience I have run into more of the unsupportive than the later. If you get more supportive people on your side? Consider yourself lucky because it will help but it’s not hopeless if you don’t. The start and midway through my almost 4 years I didn’t have many supporters. I had more unsupportive people in my life, not just doubting me but trying to sabotage me. Fast food, mean words, belittling me, but I took it in stride and remembered what I wanted, without a doubt what I wanted most. I didn’t want the fast food- eventually, if you don’t eat it long enough it tastes like garbage. I did listen to the words, I did fall under someone’s mean words to me, but I just kept going. I changed the way I trained for them, I hated it. I got rid of that person and now I train the way I want.

If you can’t remove the person from your life, some are easier to cut off than others, think deep and hard if you must why they would be unsupportive? If and it most likely is, something that has to do with them and not a single thing to do with you.


The bottom line is being organized, it helps so much, having your why in place that can’t be shaken, your results coming in will be addicting and you will want more, always changing goals and chasing them.


I won’t lie to anyone reading this, it’s hard, there isn’t a quick way to get and stay on the fitness healthy lifestyle track, there is no pill, tea, or potion. It’s hard work, its dedication, its discipline and seeing your results. It’s in your mindset, once you decide you are worth this, chasing your dreams and goals, being your best self? It’s worth it. It’s always worth it.

Be part of the inspiration xo


Be The Inspiration

Self-love~ Health~ Change.

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