UPDATE on meal prepping.

So, I did say that I would update in a month about meal prepping, I did totally put it off for two weeks. I have a problem and have mostly addressed it, I am giving it the university try at breaking it myself and trying to beat the eating disorder myself. 2nd time must be the charm, has to be? Please be? As I don’t want to reach out for professional help, I mean I already have to go to counseling and therapy for so much shit.

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So, I started good, I can’t eat much meat, like chicken? Yeah, I just can’t- stomach ache sometimes I barf, its fun times. not. So, I made egg salad which my kids also like so like super plus, and I make a lot of fish and shrimp. Heavy on the vegetables and some rice or pasta, I am a carb person, meaning I am leaner on more carbs, it is so weird. I’m not going to bash it though.

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So far about a month in I have realized, If I don’t meal prep?

I don’t eat. I don’t even just switch to bad food or take out I just stop eating, this is my downfall and I know it.

I hate cooking…

so much so. I hate it so much. I can’t even explain to you how much I hate cooking.


I hate eating the same thing for 5 days, I do but I hate it.

So, from this I have decided to change up a few things, always meal prep something, anything just eat! I can’t stop hating cooking but hopefully, it will get easier or I can find other easier ways.

This time, I made extra vegetables, like so many but stored them in separate containers and freezer bags, so if I wanted more grilled vegetables they were there. Same as rice I made more and scooped out of the bag, it makes sense.


So, I will continue those things, I am finishing school next week (YAY year ONE done!) so I will have a bit more time to meal prep. I need to meal prep more than once a week because I can’t stand eating the same thing so much.


Now that I can cook better meals for dinners with having the time usually to do so, I can make the recipe or portions bigger so I can eat it for lunch the next day.

I am going to start making the kids eat healthier, they didn’t eat like crap or do but they wouldn’t die from eating healthier and I have more patience to battle the battles I didn’t while doing the full-time school and 32 hours of homework a day.

I am also going to try new recipes to get out of the fish deal because fish and tofu alternating each day is killing me.

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But there’s the update on that, I am trying at least and even trying to be 90% good food and letting sometimes the fun part in, which is harder, but I expect obviously that I will get fat overnight and that isn’t even something that happens. It sure as hell didn’t take me one night to gain 100 extra lbs just like it didn’t take me overnight to lose it.

I’m taking May to really look at the self-care and self-love. When your cup is constantly empty? You feel like shit, you feel like a robot and you can’t deal with anything. I have an empty cup and I can’t deal with it until I am done school because I am striving for greatness but in my trail of striving to be the best I am leaving mountains of stuff I won’t deal with because I don’t have the capacity to do so.

So, take a day or two and think about how you are going to provide yourself with self-care, help another and be kind.

Be a part of the inspiration

Self-love~ Health~ Change


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