Forced Vegetarian

So, I had originally pushed the Thursday blog to Saturday because of school and just because life is crazy. Here I am 2 Sundays in a row dropping content. I swear I am not like a person who doesn’t care, or is lazy, though when I am not doing 56 things at once I generally feel lazy.

Last weekend was so much homework, studying and the prep for finals week, I had full intention of writing this blog yesterday and posting it up- but I spent the night at the hospital with my kiddo instead.

This kid I can’t even, he is so extra lol. He never just gets sick, its always croup, double ear infection, pneumonia or a collapsed lung. So, five hours in emerg and he’s on a hefty dose of antibiotics, the dr believes it’s the start of pneumonia and with his history doesn’t want to chance it as well as a double ear infection. My kid is the least sick person you’d ever meet, he won’t even say he is sick, he acts the same, the only shocker yesterday was that he had a nap and that is just not normal ever, he goes from the moment his feet hit the floor to the time I can get him to say the hell in bed.

However, once he realized we were going to emerge over than going to a friend’s house, he was so much “better” and low key acting like he was fine and that obvious shortness of breath wasn’t a thing. Antibiotics for a week and a check up chest x-ray this week and he’ll be good as gold again.

My blog wasn’t about this happening, at all its just life with kids and that’s why I’m dropping here on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Autistic kids are special in a way that usually only parents can feel, you see I am struggling with anger that’s directed at others but it’s not really anger, its disappointment, confusion, sadness and a loss feeling, a pile of emotions I don’t want to deal with. He looked at me last night in the hospital “Mommy you need to cry, just let it out, its ok, it helps your body, its ok mommy just do it” My heart guys! I can’t even lol. He’s very perceptive of those he cares the most about, not perceptive of why you should wear underpants, or eat more than chicken nuggets, but he’s got an insider view of me and it sucks lol.

Autism Awareness - Superman Logo


My blog is about this thing that I have finally decided to investigate, Meat, vegetarianism, and life. So, it turns out somewhere along the way my body just decided it would reject meat, like stomach pain out of this world, bowel issues, and feel bloated and fat.

It sucks, so much, I decided to see because it’s been about 6 months I couldn’t eat chicken, so I have dropped down to fish here and there and shrimp, if the fish isn’t a lot or for many days I seem to be ok same as the shrimp. I went 5 days without eating meat, I felt fucking amazing, so that sucks, I love meat, I’m not one of those I do this for animals, I am not I am fucking stuck doing this? I ate meat Wednesday and suffered greatly. I’m going to see if my therapist can refer me to a dietician to see what the fuck can be done. However, for now, I suppose I am mostly vegetarian.

unnamed (1)

So, I tried Portobello mushroom Philly cheesesteak sandwiches last weekend, I don’t have a comparison as I haven’t had a “real” one, however it was good. I will post the link to the recipe if anyone wants to check it out.



I also tried a vegetable fried rice sort of concoction for meal prep this week and it wasn’t bad, I tried a chickpea one-pot pasta dish- it was the worst and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone at all ever, I will have to find a new recipe for it.

I meant to research Thursday night so I could go to the grocery store to find ingredients to try new recipes because I won’t lie it sucks being like yay now I am even more complicated. However, I forgot, I don’t know if these qualify as fast- pre-packaged version of vegetarian things, probably but I had to add something to what I had.

Did I try the tofu version of turkey lunch meat? Yeah no don’t do that- ever its so bad. I think it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t add so much smoke flavor.


I also got these burgers, I won’t lie I did them in the microwave at 11 pm last night, it was a late dinner because of the hospital, but I could have had dinner from the vending machine and ate $20 worth of junk so go me? Lol. However, they are pretty good, I feel that they would be better not in the microwave, but I needed to eat.

I am trying portobello mushroom caps as burgers tonight so I will see how those are, maybe epic- maybe not.

So, I plead to ANY vegetarians out there, please share your tried and true recipes that are good, like you’d recommend them to others because I also don’t want to hate my life and eat crap tasting food forever till I find more good recipes lol.

This meal prep, I have tofu to do, as well as shrimp to make a vegetable stir-fry with the whole 12 shrimps I get, but its life sometimes and you just gotta roll with it.


I also bought apple cider vinegar apparently there is like a bunch of ways to take this, 8 oz water, with honey without, shot, but I read that it helps with digestion, I won’t lie I am nervous because I have acid reflux and adding vinegar just seems stupid but a lot of people swear it makes it better.

Any experiences drop me a comment below and let me know!

It’s now Sunday, do your Sunday things and kick ass tomorrow, this week you got it! I know that you do. Take a minute or two out of your week and inspire another, share something you wouldn’t just to spark an interest of change in another.


Be a part of the inspiration

Self- love ~ Health ~ Change

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