I have read many posts on Facebook and Instagram lately of all the people who just are not motivated, I hear a lot about how do you stay so motivated to workout every day?

How do you stay motivated to keep working on your business? To work on yourself as a parent and as a person?

I don’t believe a lot in motivation, I don’t truly believe in motivation.

Perhaps in the start, the very start of things if that would be your start on a healthy lifestyle, a career change, a chance at something great, or the start of a relationship. Motivation doesn’t make sense to me in these aspects.


You may find motivating quotes, or see people’s stories and be motivated to start. However, Motivation isn’t what keeps you going, no song, no person no anything is going to do that except for you.

Motivation sure doesn’t pull my ass out of bed at 6am to go workout every morning, motivation doesn’t give me the skills to try to be a better parent and a better person. Motivation sure as hell isn’t there when you want to make relationships better.

These choices come to you, if you really want to change, you really want what your goals look like, dedication and desire. You won’t make it far if you continually rely on motivation to keep you on the straight track.

The beauty of it all is- there is never a straight track, people assume to change you must make it from point A to point B and it’s true, but this will never run on a straight line. You must be prepared to deal with the punches that come, dip and roll and keep going.


The gym is my biggest place for therapy, it is where I lay it all out and get out of my head. Your mind will destroy you if you let it.

So figure out what you want most in life, set the pace for yourself, for your goals then get out there and crush it.

unnamed (8)

Becuase we all think we have time, to do it another day, another week, next month even but we don’t know how long we got, and if it is something you really want? Why put it off?

Tell those people around you that are there for you, those people who mean the most to you? How you really feel, because change is inevitable, so is death.

Reflect on your life, what you need most out of it, who you need in your life, what you need to do to be happy and then make it happen.


Be a part of the inspiration

Self Love ~ Health ~ Change

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