80 Day Obession



So in mid janury, I had an injury and I couldn’t squat the way I wanted anymore, after a few weeks I decided I couldn’t just pull arm day every day because if you know me? I am leg day every day if it was up to me, it’s my soul mate.

Anyway, I decided I would try 80 day, I mean what did I have to lose other than 80 days? I pushed onward, I tried a week of phase one and personally it bored me and didn’t challenge me enough, though that doesn’t mean everyone is at that spot because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! I did 2 weeks in phase one and finished the program using more weeks of phase 2 & 3. Friday that just past I finished my final day, hence this blog that I was going to write yesterday. I didn’t have a way to listen to music and workout so I listened to Autumn’s voice for the entire 80 days, which if you have done 21-day fix before you know- you know what I am talking about.

However, it wasn’t like that, it wasn’t her normal annoying voice (Sorry autumn) I will never ever forget the word “DIAMONDS” as long as I live, but none the less it was a really good program.

If you want to focus on lower body and core? This is the program for you!

*****I also want to state that I am in NO way a coach or trying to sell you anything Beachbody, I just happen to like the programs sometimes. 

It’s 6 days a week,

AAA- Basically core & lower body

CARDIO FLOW aka Zoo flow- core and cardio

LEG DAY- def lower body

CARDIO CORE- leg day and core and cardio

TOTAL BODY CORE- some arms, legs, and core

BOOTY- Lower body again.

The loops and sliders I will def be incorporating in the future of my workouts, they help to take it next level.

I didn’t follow the timed nutrition but I did lose 8′ which is pretty awesome.

unnamed (13)unnamed (14)

So my 80-day results, I noticed that my stomach got leaner, and my booty got lifted. I am onto a new hybrid because I get bored quicker than a four-year-old.

I felt that the program didn’t have enough upper body for me, so I am excited to jump into the added arm days I have made on my hybrid, I’m keeping 3x a week leg day because leg day has my heart.

The program and the support chat I was in, helped a lot, with personal growth, not just the outside changes, learning that self-care is freaking important! Learning that you can do it, even if you want to quit you can do it.


I have a last parting message/ rant lol

unnamed (11)

I did some calculations of my own this week, measurements- we look to the scale a lot and sure check in with her but she’s a bitch, I have lost 100 lbs but that last 15-20 is just staying on for dear life, but my measurements? Since I have started my journey four years ago? It is crazy, its like can’t wrap my freaking head around it crazy. When you do this on your own or with the support of others if you always have a support team cheering you on or you have plenty of people trying to bring you down and make you lose sight of your goals? I promise you-you can do whatever you put your mind to, the reason I know this? When the cards stacked against me? I just push through and if I can do it- anyone can.

unnamed (12)

Be a part of the inspiration 

Self- Love~ Health~ Change

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