Happy Mothers Day

This isn’t really a blog, I am not going to write forever like normal. Really I will try.

Mothers day isn’t all it is for everyone, Some people don’t physically have their mother, some don’t have a good mother, some have lost their children.

I just want to say two things.

First of all,

Happy Mothers Day to those

  • Who stepped up to be the mother figure that the child needed.
  • Those mothers giving their all- heart and soul into their child.
  • Those who waited a very long time for their miracle.
  • Those who have lived past their children.
  • Those who have lost or miscarried and never got to meet their angel.
  • Those who become foster moms.
  • Those who become a hero to the child that doesn’t have blood parents.
  • Those who extend their love to those around them.
  • Those who struggle every single day and don’t know how they will make it- but they always do.
  • Those who are a mother, deep down know they do their best, they put forth the effort needed, those that are their for their children.


Secondly, I want to thank my boys.

They drive me insane every day, they make life harder but better.

I couldn’t imagine a life without them in it.

To both my boys, I thank you.

Thank you for making me a mom, each year I do my best to make things better, to explain better, to support better in hopes that one day you won’t need therapy.



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