Soul without meat

It has been 5 weeks without meat, I wanna say that I feel better because I do, meat makes me feel bloated, sleepy and my tummy hurt. However, this also hurts my soul I swear, people laugh and think I am joking.

I’m not I miss the hell out of meat if I can eat it again? I’m never going to take it for granted again. I went to a friends house the other day.. they made bbq burgers, I had forgotten in the rush to get the bus in the rain one of my vegetarian burgers. I suppose I am now a super easy guest- Hamburger bun, lettuce and a pickle. Seriously, I feel this shit in my soul. I’m going to try out a couple cookbooks and hopefully it gets better.


However, it has been a rough 2-3 weeks, my youngest was sick though he seriously is like always full of boogers and coughing- the air in our place isn’t the best I will have to look into getting an air purifier for him. Anyway, he was sick and whiny, those near kids or around them? They get it. Then he gave ME the cold! I am just such a lucky gal! lol

It turned into a bad ear infection and a sinus infection, which I left for a couple days hoping it would pass, all it did was make my head want to implode, unable to bend down, and wanting to jam a screwdriver into my ear to let out the fluid. So I went to the Dr and got antibiotics, I wanted to work on custom ordered shirts- designing them, designing my second drop of shirts for my line, work with different materials to make other things for the giveaway. The pressure in my head wouldn’t let me look at my phone or laptop for almost four days. RELAXING is not my fortay, sitting still? Not my thing, I can’t handle it, I fidget, I move, I have to be busy, its who I am.

However I couldn’t and had to rest, this week I am back and designing customs first, than the ones for my line and giveaway, antibiotics make me sick, so sick- feels like morning sickness you know that shit that isn’t morning its all day. Saturday morning can’t come quick enough for me to stop taking them.

So I missed a week of blogging, I missed a week of working on things, it sucked and it makes me so mad.


Monday we started as a family, the 2 boys and I working out in the evening, I put my hour in the morning and then 30 mins with them in the evening. I felt I needed more cardio in my life, even though I hate it, my oldest also needs to learn better habits and start something and the youngest gets tired for bed, sorta win-win.

That is why I have been away, if you’ve missed reading my random thoughts and blogs,  I intend to write another myth fact blog about fitness and such, as well as more information as soon as I have the designing done for the giveaway which will now be launching out in June along with my second drop.

I’m going to the Toronto Pro show and Expo on Sunday for my second year, super excited to go!

Try to keep cool!

Least we don’t have to shovel this!

Don’t forget your animal or child in the Car!

Inspire Another

Be a Part of the inspiration

Self- love~ Health~ Change

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