Small steps to bigger jumps

This is slightly a thought blog more than anything.

I wanted to have three blogs done, I really did try but I am also having a birthday party today and all the things leading up to such, I am now the writer of 3 half blogs. However, I know that one I may put out tomorrow if I have the energy left to finish it tonight.

Small wins, small steps they all come out on the other side as bigger jumps to your goals, most people don’t start weight loss or fitness journeys winning off the start, things take time. You don’t usually start a job and within weeks or months become the boss because that just isn’t real life.


Most people assume that starting your own business, or working from home is easy peasy lemon squeezy right? Maybe it would be easier if I didn’t have kids constantly asking for something, gee what the hell? it’s like they think I am a servant or something.

This goes back to last weekend, I made a special shirt using my brand name across the back to wear when I went to Toronto Pro show and fitness expo, I printed off business cards because what did I really have to lose? Nothing.

unnamed (2)

My best friend wore her custom-made tank along with me wearing mine, lots of people LOVED her tank, including someone who’s made it in this business of having a clothing line. The very fact that they liked the saying on the shirt, was amazing. I mean I made that and someone who’s reached success through mountains of hard work? Liked it, upon first sight. Small wins, small steps to get to the bigger picture.


I had a lot of questions come to me asking about how I can do customs, how I work and design them and asking for business cards. 6 of 12 went out, that is a win for me, as small as it may seem to some it is HUGE for me. The fact that I decided to just do it, I mean I am shy and not outgoing, which seems like the worst combo for a small business boss- really think about it, I’m not overly going to reach out to people just to talk about the business. However, life is outside your comfort zone.

unnamed (1)


My best friend, repping my brand for me – she means the world to me, she helps me when I am stressed out when I need a second pair of eyes because I have been designing for 5 hours straight. She’s my person, she’s the one I will always go to bring me back to earth from the anxiety hell I dive into.

unnamed (3)

The thing is, most people give up before they reach success because everyone wants the end result to come before they put in the hard work, the quick success. It doesn’t always work that way, like 99% of the time it doesn’t.

In life, all aspects when you want to change, when you want to reach a successful status when you want to better yourself? It’s going to have to take work, hard work, work that you didn’t really for-see but you do it anyway. If you have goals you must work hard, there is no other way around it.

I now have a max 3-year business goal, to have my own booth at this Pro show and fit expo, I have to build up stock and save money obviously. The steps to get there? I’m not afraid and I look forward to crushing goals.

This has nothing to do with this blog, but I got to meet Ronnie Coleman again and he is just the nicest person, I have met a few big name bodybuilders and he is def the nicest, I was so excited to be able to meet him again.



The deal is if you don’t celebrate the small things in life? you don’t get excited over the small step that you complete? You will be disappointed when you’re always just looking for huge things, big successes. Life doesn’t work that way if you aren’t working hard towards your goals? you are just dreaming.

Inspire another, you have this life given to you; maybe it is tough, maybe it is hard and you wonder why the fuck you are here, I get it, I really deeply do. However you have this life, make the best of it, make goals and work hard to smash them. The work you put in? Could very well inspire another person to work hard at their goals, because you never know who’s looking at you or up to you.

Be the Inspiration

Self- Love~ Health~ Change 

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