Fitness and health myths, again.


Honestly, there are so many I could write about this all the time, but that would be boring as hell and why do I want to bore my followers who read my jumbled rambles?! So, I figured I would write one every couple month or so, because the myths drive me insane, like in a way where people fully believe them and then try to fight you about it. Those people kill me, I just can’t, it’s hard for me to continue to be nice honestly.

I meant to research this all last week, I mentally had to take a couple days where I just wasn’t myself, but I may write about that this week. I have been training twice a day and the doubles are taking a toll on my body for sure, I will be writing about the why in that this week also.

So now here I am researching 4 of the 25 I have gotten asked, or the people who follow me on social media have given as examples of myths, beside my child who drives me insane, I am so glad summer vacation is coming for them in 4 days (Insert dramatic eye roll here)


You gain after 6pm

Personally, this one is way too hard, maybe most people have their lives in order, they can 100% put dinner on the table at 5 and be done eating by 6.

I clearly have no type of life in order if that is the case, I’m lucky to get the dinner done by 6:30, when I’m in school- I’m lucky to eat dinner by 8 pm.

Researching this myth, I had heard it before but because I train fasted in the am, I couldn’t image fasting for 12 hours and then going to lift, that sounds like a bad time, to be honest. It’s true and false, false because if you eat clean healthy food within your calorie count for the day? Then you will be fine, so when you eat a salad at 7-8pm for dinner, then have Greek yogurt before bed? You will be alright, I know this because this tends to be me, I have a terrible relationship with food though, so I tend to have to get my calories in after 6 pm, also I know that if I don’t eat prior to bedtime, on the mornings I have a heavy lift? I won’t be lifting anything because I will be dizzy and have no strength.

This myth lands true in most cases because if you are getting out of bed, or up off the couch, even stopping work on the computer to go get a nighttime snack? You 95% of the time are not going to venture the fridge for a healthy snack, you aren’t going out there to snack on carrots, an apple, or good carbs. What do you go to snack on? Best snack in front of the tv? Mindlessly eating? Chips, sweets, ice cream, etc. So, if you are trying to lose weight there is nothing wrong with having those things, not at all, because if you restrict forever you may one day blow up a post office or something. Measure your chips for the serving size, same as anything else, because its stupid easy to eat a bag of chips in front of the tv because you aren’t paying attention. Ruffles are like 17 chips for a serving size, though I am still confused sometimes on how you count the broken chips… I mean they aren’t whole right? JK JK, but that is how you would gain weight at night from eating after 6 pm. Instead of going for the crappy food hit up the vegetables and you’ll be fine.

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  • “Spot reducing- reduce flabby arms/ take away the muffin top with these exercises”

I still get this advice a lot, from uneducated people, friends trying to help, the list goes on. You can’t do 1000 crunches or sit-ups and magically have abs, that’s not a thing and why would you when there are so many better core exercises? Who has the time to do 1000 crunches?

It can work for people who are already lean and want to focus on ONE area to build muscle there to have that area look better. However, if you are not lean and want to work one area? It’s just not going to have the same effect as if you trained everything, you need to find what workouts work best for you, or what you enjoy because if you are going to commit to something? You should love it, I would never commit to running because I hate it, so much hate, I tried hard to love it, am, pm, midday, inside-outside, I gave it my 100% college effort but it’s not for me. If you love training a certain way you should put your energy into that and try new things to broaden your interests.

Fat doesn’t melt within, it is released from fat cells for energy; the system that makes this happen doesn’t recognize that you are doing certain area exercises. It only recognizes that you are being physically active. Do a well-rounded workout and it’s your best bet.

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  • “You must do all the cardio- it’s the only way to lose weight.”

I can tell you that doing only cardio will make you lose weight if you are following a restricted calorie diet and putting in your cardio hours. I lost 140 lbs that way, I hated the way I looked because it also took away muscle mass, everything basically. The thing is, there is no right or wrong way to train, I mean if you don’t want to lift and you don’t want any sort of muscle mass than your goals and ways to get to those goals would be different than someone who does want muscles.

The biggest thing that always stuck out for me, was reading somewhere along the way, that if you build muscle you will be burning calories after the workout. This is because muscle raises your metabolism burning fat even if you are not working out. Doing both cardio and resistance training is the best idea to lose weight and maintain.

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  • “If you aren’t sweating buckets, you aren’t working hard enough”

Your body sweats to cool itself off, it’s literally a function of the body that must happen, it works year-round even without working out. It’s your bodies air conditioning system basically. I know how hard I workout, year-round I workout in my garage, I have built a pretty good gym in there, old school vs all the machines but none the less it works for me. I know that I don’t sweat barely at all when it’s -25 or under outside, I rarely even take off my hoodie. I know I’m still working hard. Whereas in the summer and it’s been +25 that day or the day before, I will probably be soaked. It’s not about how hard you worked, it has many different factors, the body cooling itself is number one. Everyone is different, so each person has a different time that their body feels the need to turn on the “Air conditioning”. It doesn’t always go hand in hand with calorie loss either, if you sweat a lot you may go down a couple pounds but when you drink again, yeah, it’s going to come back. Just do your best and really that’s all that matters if your best friend sweats buckets and you don’t? don’t sweat it, it’s ok.


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Bonus if you read the entire blog

  • “Every workout must be perfect, if you didn’t give your 110% it was a waste”

How often do you walk out of the house or into your living room to workout feeling 100%? For me, I’m probably a solid 50% of the time or so, it’s not every day.

I still workout, I still put forth the energy I have, but just because you don’t give your workout 110% every day? It’s ok because I don’t believe anyone can, everyone has off days, usually, I feel better after I have worked out but sometimes that’s not even true.

Give your best and it’s good, I mean you are still circling every other person who is still sitting on the couch, you are doing something. You won’t feel 100% every day of your journey, it’s just not giving up that separates you. Just give your best.

Self- Love~ Health~ Change

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