The End of the Journal Challenge

Well, I finish August with the end of this Journal challenge, with the busy chaos about to begin again, I may seek out another challenge because prompts are easier at first when you are launching into a new change; or not, I’m not sure yet.

Day 28

What went super well? What is different now because of it?

In life? This year?  Because gee what a broad question!

In life? I’d say losing the weight, everything is different because of it.

This year? I’d say realizing the toxic people in my life & using the scissors to cut them out, or at least go low contact with them. The difference because of that is broad in itself, because the lack of toxic abusers I feel better about myself, somehow they have the ability to bring me to a very dark place and ending contact or lowering contact with others that constantly bring down my mental health or just, in general, don’t support or care for me? It’s hard but life will get more clear.


Day 29

What words do I wish someone would say to me right now? How can I give that to myself this year?

-“You are cured”

I can’t hear that this year, but I can continue with therapy, treatment, proper nutrition, and self-care. I can distance myself from people who want to bring me down & make life harder. I can keep doing the best I can do in everything- because isn’t that what we all should do?



Day 30

Looking back over the past 30 days what do I know now?

That years of abuse took a toll on me, that I have to continue moving forward through life and recovering from the past, looking past the need to be perfect and see that my best is good enough, that I am good enough, that I am worthy- in knowing this I think it will help with the recovery of the eating disorder. I can start to hopefully see me for me and know that it is alright.


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