A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

So I’m in week 3 at school, things are hectic, I find getting into a routine a little harder this sem, but I’ll get there and work it out. However, I have been missing in action on the blogs, as well as some idea’s I’d like to drop for clothing.

However, this mess of life is like when a kid dumps out their toy box, looking for that one tiny toy at the bottom so your living room becomes the room of doom? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. maxresdefault

I’ve shared this before, in a blog and on Instagram, probably even on the Facebook page. Perhaps I am just blown away by this fact, this stat, this one sentence. The odds of you being born at the time you were to become you. Legit- Mind is blown kinda shit!

So I use this stat a lot with my kids because I am trying my absolute best to raise the little humans into decent gentleman and not douchecanoes. So I’ve been over what I think really counts in life, your character; which covers so many things, your word because yes talk is cheap but if you always come through on your word? It’ll stand well and your work ethic, these things define you, they show you how to get through life.

I will be able to show them the end result of struggling, of all the late nights, the endless cups of coffee and notes until my eyes feel like bleeding when I finish school and they watch me walk across the stage to get my diploma. It is not because I want these little humans to be proud of me, no it goes deeper than that.

I want them to see that no matter what is stacked against you? That as long as you have the character and within that the passion and heart to succeed that it doesn’t matter the walls you have to climb, it doesn’t matter the struggles you face, you can overcome anything you set your mind too, work your tail off and be able to achieve success.

Comfort Zone Quotes Inspirational Out Of Your Comfort Zone Quote | Quote Number 678392 | Picture Quotes

Fear… insecurities… Regret.

Huge things that I know I face, that I know my son faces, that I know a lot of people face. They wake up in the morning and it damn near smacks you in the face.

See though, I don’t want to live a life like that anymore, maybe if I had been given the proper tools earlier in life I would have had this mentality already and not be discovering it at 32, but better late than never and while I learn it I can teach it.

I have discovered by cutting out negative people, the toxic soul-sucking vampires of my life? That I feel so much freer. Not having to be someone I am not just to see if I fit the mold they want for love? Fuck that. Fuck all of that.

Being-Yourself-Quote-Dont-Change-So-People-Will-Like-You.-550x600In doing this, I have felt freer, I have had the ability to walk a little taller, close my mind out a little more, I have been able to not care what others think as much. Something that I know doesn’t just hit me, but others too. The thing is, I am not worried about pleasing others because I’m just me, I could try to be someone else but wanna know what that is? It’s exhausting.

I’m ready and already exploring new things, I am ready to lead my life to the fullest, I am ready to chase after my dreams because you know what? I deserve it. I deserve to be happy.

I tell my kid all the time, it doesn’t matter what you want to be in life; I believe in you, I will always believe in you so give me something to believe in. He’s a smart boy, he has large goals and he is able to reach them. I know this because he has actions to go to the plan, he also has the passion in his eyes.

He has a pretty cool opportunity that was offered to him recently, he wondered what he should do? I said just being offered the opportunity how proud I was, how amazing that was. How if he wants to he should just try, because what do we have to lose by trying? Nothing! I’m not sure he has decided but he was really happy to be recognized9935265.

I’m going to try something different, I may not make it, I may, I hold no real expectation. Not because of my lack of effort, work ethic or skill, just because life works that way for me. However, I know if I don’t try? I will regret it. So I am trying out for the powerlifting team this week.

Jumping way out of my comfort circle, but hey we gotta leap to get to greatness right?


Be the inspiration 


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