Meal prep- vegetarian style

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Last week, I took a poll and people were interested or wanted me to write a blog about vegetarian dairy-free meal prep, I have had to go vegetarian and in doing so I have felt mostly better and skip around between vegetarian and vegan. I expect by next year or near my one year mark, I will be a full vegan.

I included this top picture because it’s literally a staple for my meal prep and I will be making it again tomorrow (Today when you are reading this I am writing in two diff days)

I really wanted to write this blog last week but between the small plate size hives and forgetting I had assignments due I just did nothing extra at life. Here we are back to explain last weeks meal prep and some extra things I will be making for this coming week.

The above is my take on General Tso chicken, except I use tofu. 100% you need to dry your tofu, I take it out and wrap it in a towel a few hours before I start meal prep. I did use to use paper towels and trust that actual clean dish towel? So much better.

I cut it into bite size chunks, mix it with premade sauce ( yeah I am totally that person) I mixed it with frozen beans, peas, and edamame. You could literally use whatever vegetable you love, I just happen to not like most of them! I used couscous because first it is lower calories than rice and it breaks up the rice game.

It lasts in the fridge for about 4 days ish before it is just not great anymore.

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I also made snacks because I would eat snacks over a meal any day, once you know who you are and are honest with yourself you can mold meal prep around your needs. For a very long time, I only made meals and then snacking was a huge NO (of course I failed I set myself up for failure!)


I made protein spinach and cheese biscuits, super good, each one had about 4g of protein and were 84 cals each.

Heads up and maybe you would already know this and it’s only me lol. Do NOT leave them in the open air! By Wednesday they were hard as a rock. Sad Panda

Nutritional yeast is something brand new to me, I had somewhat read about it but it doesn’t sound like YUM! Right? So I was definitely hesitant and it’s not the cheapest out there but I went ahead and tried it out for another recipe. It legit tastes like you added cheese without having to add cheese, WHAT?! My lactose intolerance was loving it!

I used the recipe on the box from Bisquick ( which is vegan-friendly if you wondered) and added egg white protein (not vegan-friendly) and added the nutritional yeast, spinach. They baked up nice, they tasted great and they probably would have lasted the week if I had known to not leave them in the open air! I will be trying again this week.

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I also make these carrots, maybe you should just love raw carrots and be happy and merry about it, however, I needed more! These are by far my favorite carrots of life, So you add a little water, the carrots, margarine (butter would prob be better) maple syrup or sweetener and dill. See I used blue agave which I think is the reason for the hives so I actually had to throw all the carrots out but will be making them again this week. These are great beside a meal or cold as a snack.


I love the idea of Ice cream, I have had the lactose free variations and they still hurt my stomach, I have had the almond and cashew versions and they are good. I LOVE the coconut version. However, a small tub costs $7… UH, what?! So I decided I would try making it. I used the blue agave (I also had to dump this out) vanilla, baking cocoa, full-fat coconut milk- light doesn’t work as well. I added protein powder and a scoop of coffee grinds, it was FUCKING amazing and this week I will hopefully not be allergic. I cannot wait to try different flavors and expand. You dump it all in a blender and blend the shit out of it, and then pour into a container and stick in the freezer, wait and stir repeat and stir and stir and stir. Coconut ice milk will freeze hard as a rock if you want some even the commercial stuff you gotta take it out and wait. I am so excited over this that I am looking at ice cream makers through my credit card points lol.


So there was last weeks meal prep, this week I have similar to last except for 3 new meals and trying a new snack. Also, I found vegan “chicken” tenders and “fish” sticks it made my entire Friday. I wouldn’t buy them often and I am going to try to make them myself but glad to see Freshco is starting to carry more vegan things! Some things that I find make vegetarian shopping easier and budget friendly. (my oldest eats 80% vegetarian with me so I go through things quicker but I am also not a short order cook)

  • Beans- black beans make or break burritos (a staple in our house- Have had carnivores try them and they liked them!) Easy to add to different dishes.
  • Frozen vegetables (though I find that makes life easier in general)
  • 90-sec rice again yeah I am that person.

So this week I am making for meal prep & snacks:

  • General Tso tofu with beans & peas, and couscous
  • Egg white avocado salad ( sandwiches or also snack on rice cakes)
  • Faux fish cakes, vegan mac & cheese, and vegetables.
  • Protein oatmeal raisin cookies (half with pumpkin seeds)
  • Protein coconut ice cream

So, I am making some of the snacks tonight and the rest tomorrow, I will try to take pictures and report back tomorrow about it.

So, meal prep takes forever! I know that I could just make the same thing for the whole week and be done within 2 hours with dishes. However, I also know me and know that I get extremely bored of the same thing and need snacks and I am including my burrito recipe that we had for dinner because it’s AMAZING, I’ve had 2 carnivores- full die-hard meat eaters try it and love it. It can be full vegan (omit the cheese and sour cream) or our version till I give up dairy fully.

I started with two new recipes, which I was skeptical because of vegan mac and cheese? However, it was pretty good, the faux fish cakes I now know need more spice or hot sauce. They are weirdly good? That doesn’t make any sense. I had extra not portioned out into my week so I got to have a taste test prior to the week.

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I paired the combo with edamame and okra, I don’t know anyone else who loves okra as much as I do. Four meals ready for the week, I moved onto making egg salad, except I didn’t use the yolks and used avocado instead of mayo. I love it on rice cakes as a mid-day snack or at night when you want chips or something.

unnamed (14)

I am not in any way good at taking pictures of food, don’t call to book me for your cooking event. I then made my general tso tofu with peas, beans and couscous.

unnamed (16)

Oh and mushrooms, because I bought them and forgot about them and needed to use them. I got portobello mushrooms on sale this past week so I may marinate them in balsamic vinegar and make “steak” the vegan way anyway.

I made these cookies, the recipe boosted that they were soft and chewy, maybe I fucked up with changing ingredients because I have hockey pucks instead, high in protein but pucks none the less. I used applesauce instead of butter, added protein powder, maple syrup instead of sugar and added pumpkin seeds as well as the raisins. Pumpkin seeds surprisingly have a lot of protein in them for a seed, they are not terrible either sometimes I add them to rationed almonds for a snack.

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The ice cream I made last night is good-ish, I added coffee grinds and now it’s just kinda gritty but still good, I’m not even complaining Vegan ICE CREAM! Do you know how long it’s been since I could eat ice cream? Years and Years. Yeah, I can buy the commercial kind but I know what’s in this one and I made it in my kitchen.

I feel like I should be writing more, but I have a ton of pictures lol, if you are interested in any of the recipes? Drop me a comment and I will get them to you, this time change has me dead and I can see the hours dropping that I have left to sleep.

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This ^ is my burrito recipe, I have been fucking around with it for months and have finally landed fucking amazing burritos. I use to order from a local burrito place and yeah, they roll them up so much better than me but these actually taste better. You could always add in more veggies like peppers, mushrooms, etc I just don’t because my 11 year old wouldn’t eat them than so we stick with black beans and edamame.


So, there is my weekly meal prep. It’s exhausting and takes all fucking day and so many dishes, but it has variety and I need that in my life. I need options, I have the attention span of a goldfish so this is good for me, I need to address what I need more in life and have it in my life, same as deleting the toxic stuff and pausing the stressful stuff that you can pause. My kids stress me out but they didn’t come with a pause button (Maybe they are defective? JK JK)

Do it for yourself, because the only one you have to look at is yourself.

Have an amazing Monday & Kick this week’s ass.

Be the inspiration


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