The Intimidating Climb

I have taken about two weeks away from blogging, business interaction, social media. I was falling down in a dark hole and had to take a step back. I'm back now and focusing on the energy that I can dedicate to this as opposed to pouring my entire self into it. I think in some… Continue reading The Intimidating Climb


Honestly, I could have maybe thrown together a blog, some sort of something. I really like to write what I feel, it reads better, it is better, the reader is able to feel or imagine what I am saying. The last 3 weeks or so, I have been missing. I know how important it is… Continue reading M.I.A.

Fitness and health myths, again.

  Honestly, there are so many I could write about this all the time, but that would be boring as hell and why do I want to bore my followers who read my jumbled rambles?! So, I figured I would write one every couple month or so, because the myths drive me insane, like in… Continue reading Fitness and health myths, again.