WTF body and mind?

I haven’t written this week and now I probably will skip over the weekend, I feel terrible I LOVE the routine of 2 blogs a week, but life happens. I had a HUGE awesome thing happen this morning, deadlift day- I PR’d at 200lbs for one rep, I have been wanting this for so long;… Continue reading WTF body and mind?

Happy Mothers Day

This isn't really a blog, I am not going to write forever like normal. Really I will try. Mothers day isn't all it is for everyone, Some people don't physically have their mother, some don't have a good mother, some have lost their children. I just want to say two things. First of all, Happy… Continue reading Happy Mothers Day

80 Day Obession

  So in mid janury, I had an injury and I couldn't squat the way I wanted anymore, after a few weeks I decided I couldn't just pull arm day every day because if you know me? I am leg day every day if it was up to me, it's my soul mate. Anyway, I… Continue reading 80 Day Obession