But, uh it costs too much to be a vegan!

I have no idea if I will get this blog out tomorrow as this is Sunday and I have a ton to do, but also, I wanted to see, really look at a week of vegan/vegetarian meals compared to a carnivore. My reason for this is because its more a statement than a question, but… Continue reading But, uh it costs too much to be a vegan!

Meal prep- vegetarian style

Last week, I took a poll and people were interested or wanted me to write a blog about vegetarian dairy-free meal prep, I have had to go vegetarian and in doing so I have felt mostly better and skip around between vegetarian and vegan. I expect by next year or near my one year mark,… Continue reading Meal prep- vegetarian style

Bound in invisible shackles.

You know when you enter a new relationship and you have the butterflies and the Honeymoon stage where you want to see each other often and get to know all about each other? Abusive relationships are the same to an extent because usually, they go much further. Each time I have been in a domestic… Continue reading Bound in invisible shackles.