Bound in invisible shackles.

You know when you enter a new relationship and you have the butterflies and the Honeymoon stage where you want to see each other often and get to know all about each other? Abusive relationships are the same to an extent because usually, they go much further. Each time I have been in a domestic… Continue reading Bound in invisible shackles.

It’s more than a black eye.

Many people already know that domestic violence? Isn't just physical, there are numerous ways to be abused. The unfortunate part of it all? Is that most don't recognize the fine line between normal and abusive, most don't stand up and talk about it to anyone because they don't want to be overreacting, don't want to… Continue reading It’s more than a black eye.

A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

So I'm in week 3 at school, things are hectic, I find getting into a routine a little harder this sem, but I'll get there and work it out. However, I have been missing in action on the blogs, as well as some idea's I'd like to drop for clothing. However, this mess of life… Continue reading A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear