Rising from the ashes

I know, I know its definitely been a min since I wrote a blog. I put my head down over the last month or so and pushed forward, working as hard as possible to achieve what I aimed to achieve. I have been listening to Fearless motivation on the reply for weeks, it drives me… Continue reading Rising from the ashes

Bound in invisible shackles.

You know when you enter a new relationship and you have the butterflies and the Honeymoon stage where you want to see each other often and get to know all about each other? Abusive relationships are the same to an extent because usually, they go much further. Each time I have been in a domestic… Continue reading Bound in invisible shackles.

Starting to look deeper

So I don't think I've done too bad on the 30-day journal thing, I don't blog it every day because I feel that would be too many posts, so I keep little notes everywhere. Hey, I do that to remember things too... good luck to my kids in the future when I can't remember anything.… Continue reading Starting to look deeper