Rising from the ashes

I know, I know its definitely been a min since I wrote a blog. I put my head down over the last month or so and pushed forward, working as hard as possible to achieve what I aimed to achieve. I have been listening to Fearless motivation on the reply for weeks, it drives me… Continue reading Rising from the ashes

But, uh it costs too much to be a vegan!

I have no idea if I will get this blog out tomorrow as this is Sunday and I have a ton to do, but also, I wanted to see, really look at a week of vegan/vegetarian meals compared to a carnivore. My reason for this is because its more a statement than a question, but… Continue reading But, uh it costs too much to be a vegan!

The Blue or the Red Pill?

Almost being on track here! Honestly wanted to have a nap, but remembered that although I say "Hey, I think I will blog this tonight" that it won't happen. This next block of questions goes to the body, I assume how you see yourself, how you feel etc. Day 10 What is my body? How… Continue reading The Blue or the Red Pill?