Pieces of the puzzle.

Last week was my baby’s birthday, I say that lightly because he turned six. He’s not ok with being six, he wanted to stay five forever- who wouldn’t right? He decided at his birthday party he would turn six, he is not getting any older than Seven though- apparently that is where the line is… Continue reading Pieces of the puzzle.

Soul without meat

It has been 5 weeks without meat, I wanna say that I feel better because I do, meat makes me feel bloated, sleepy and my tummy hurt. However, this also hurts my soul I swear, people laugh and think I am joking. I’m not I miss the hell out of meat if I can eat… Continue reading Soul without meat

WTF body and mind?

I haven’t written this week and now I probably will skip over the weekend, I feel terrible I LOVE the routine of 2 blogs a week, but life happens. I had a HUGE awesome thing happen this morning, deadlift day- I PR’d at 200lbs for one rep, I have been wanting this for so long;… Continue reading WTF body and mind?