Rising from the ashes

I know, I know its definitely been a min since I wrote a blog. I put my head down over the last month or so and pushed forward, working as hard as possible to achieve what I aimed to achieve. I have been listening to Fearless motivation on the reply for weeks, it drives me… Continue reading Rising from the ashes

Leap of clarity to self-care

I know personally when I hear about self-care? The first thing I think about, that jumps into my mind? Is baths, pedicures, manicures, retail therapy, physical things. I know of yoga & meditation for your soul and mind, but what about when it goes deeper than that? What about when your world is blurry from… Continue reading Leap of clarity to self-care

I will forget to go to my own funeral

Imagine what happened? I forgot to, I made excuses, I put off journaling. I will do it later, I will do it tonight, I will do it tomorrow. If I lived my life like this? Nothing would ever get done! I said I’d promise I would try, I have 8 days missed. Not posted, I… Continue reading I will forget to go to my own funeral