Fitness and health myths, again.

  Honestly, there are so many I could write about this all the time, but that would be boring as hell and why do I want to bore my followers who read my jumbled rambles?! So, I figured I would write one every couple month or so, because the myths drive me insane, like in… Continue reading Fitness and health myths, again.

My Inspiration inventory.

So I am working on a myth-busting type blog again, I know I have done one already but there are so many- it's almost disturbing. It's not ready and other things going on in my life I decided that this blog would be the right thing to write today.  Inspiration can be anywhere right? I… Continue reading My Inspiration inventory.

Broken from Ordinary

    I don't think anyone of us can completely say that we are okay, that we haven't had experiences that broke us just a little or people who have hurt you in many different ways. There are just also others of us, who aren't ok- broken at best. Functioning Brokeness- is that a thing?… Continue reading Broken from Ordinary