I will forget to go to my own funeral

Imagine what happened? I forgot to, I made excuses, I put off journaling. I will do it later, I will do it tonight, I will do it tomorrow. If I lived my life like this? Nothing would ever get done! I said I’d promise I would try, I have 8 days missed. Not posted, I… Continue reading I will forget to go to my own funeral

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..

I'm reading a book, it is about transforming your life, your mind, your thoughts and attitude toward the world and toward yourself. I've reached chapter 12, it tells you to look into the mirror and assess yourself, what you love, what is your best, what you hate, what is your worst quality according to you,… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the wall..


Honestly, I could have maybe thrown together a blog, some sort of something. I really like to write what I feel, it reads better, it is better, the reader is able to feel or imagine what I am saying. The last 3 weeks or so, I have been missing. I know how important it is… Continue reading M.I.A.