A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

So I'm in week 3 at school, things are hectic, I find getting into a routine a little harder this sem, but I'll get there and work it out. However, I have been missing in action on the blogs, as well as some idea's I'd like to drop for clothing. However, this mess of life… Continue reading A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

Leap of clarity to self-care

I know personally when I hear about self-care? The first thing I think about, that jumps into my mind? Is baths, pedicures, manicures, retail therapy, physical things. I know of yoga & meditation for your soul and mind, but what about when it goes deeper than that? What about when your world is blurry from… Continue reading Leap of clarity to self-care

Organized journaling is hard to do

Wouldn't ya know it? I forgot to post, I had a busy awesome weekend so there is that. I have had a couple busy adulty weeks trying to get things ready for back to school and such so I've been checking stuff off the list of things to do. On the home stretch of being… Continue reading Organized journaling is hard to do