The End of the Journal Challenge

Well, I finish August with the end of this Journal challenge, with the busy chaos about to begin again, I may seek out another challenge because prompts are easier at first when you are launching into a new change; or not, I'm not sure yet. Day 28 What went super well? What is different now… Continue reading The End of the Journal Challenge

Organized journaling is hard to do

Wouldn't ya know it? I forgot to post, I had a busy awesome weekend so there is that. I have had a couple busy adulty weeks trying to get things ready for back to school and such so I've been checking stuff off the list of things to do. On the home stretch of being… Continue reading Organized journaling is hard to do

Starting to look deeper

So I don't think I've done too bad on the 30-day journal thing, I don't blog it every day because I feel that would be too many posts, so I keep little notes everywhere. Hey, I do that to remember things too... good luck to my kids in the future when I can't remember anything.… Continue reading Starting to look deeper