Fitness and health myths, again.

  Honestly, there are so many I could write about this all the time, but that would be boring as hell and why do I want to bore my followers who read my jumbled rambles?! So, I figured I would write one every couple month or so, because the myths drive me insane, like in… Continue reading Fitness and health myths, again.

Staying on track

Today I couldn’t honestly think of anything to write and my morning was a gong show and now I have feral children running around because March break is GREAT lol. However, I didn’t have time, as in I couldn’t pull my ass out of bed first thing this am because the time change is seriously… Continue reading Staying on track


Where do I start? How do I stay on track? When I decided I didn’t want to be obese anymore, it wasn’t a temp thing. I didn’t google “How to lose 100 lbs fast!”, I looked at many different things. I honestly started thinking you had to drop everything and go cold turkey basically. It… Continue reading Change