Broken from Ordinary

    I don't think anyone of us can completely say that we are okay, that we haven't had experiences that broke us just a little or people who have hurt you in many different ways. There are just also others of us, who aren't ok- broken at best. Functioning Brokeness- is that a thing?… Continue reading Broken from Ordinary

Stop holding the ham like a baby

My son, LOVES water, I mean like if there is any water he is there, he puts it in little containers and his animals have water or its just there. There is a catch to this of course- he HATES getting wet. It can be interesting, and laundry becomes like mountains. I’m ahead of time… Continue reading Stop holding the ham like a baby

Where are the funkin shoes?

Looking for shoes for kids, most parent’s hate this as is. With my little guy he only wants certain ones, I make it exciting… do you know how unexciting shoes really are? But make them believe they make you run faster, jump higher they give you powers! One day I will learn and buy a… Continue reading Where are the funkin shoes?