UPDATE on meal prepping.

So, I did say that I would update in a month about meal prepping, I did totally put it off for two weeks. I have a problem and have mostly addressed it, I am giving it the university try at breaking it myself and trying to beat the eating disorder myself. 2nd time must be… Continue reading UPDATE on meal prepping.

Stop holding the ham like a baby

My son, LOVES water, I mean like if there is any water he is there, he puts it in little containers and his animals have water or its just there. There is a catch to this of course- he HATES getting wet. It can be interesting, and laundry becomes like mountains. I’m ahead of time… Continue reading Stop holding the ham like a baby


Honesty- something we all look for in others, right? I mean we expect others to be honest with us, relationships, friendships, our children we want everyone to be honest. But how often are we honest with ourselves? I know I’m not, I want to be, but I don’t really look at myself as hard as… Continue reading Honesty