Meal prep- vegetarian style

Last week, I took a poll and people were interested or wanted me to write a blog about vegetarian dairy-free meal prep, I have had to go vegetarian and in doing so I have felt mostly better and skip around between vegetarian and vegan. I expect by next year or near my one year mark,… Continue reading Meal prep- vegetarian style

Soul without meat

It has been 5 weeks without meat, I wanna say that I feel better because I do, meat makes me feel bloated, sleepy and my tummy hurt. However, this also hurts my soul I swear, people laugh and think I am joking. I’m not I miss the hell out of meat if I can eat… Continue reading Soul without meat

Forced Vegetarian

So, I had originally pushed the Thursday blog to Saturday because of school and just because life is crazy. Here I am 2 Sundays in a row dropping content. I swear I am not like a person who doesn’t care, or is lazy, though when I am not doing 56 things at once I generally… Continue reading Forced Vegetarian