A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

So I'm in week 3 at school, things are hectic, I find getting into a routine a little harder this sem, but I'll get there and work it out. However, I have been missing in action on the blogs, as well as some idea's I'd like to drop for clothing. However, this mess of life… Continue reading A beautiful mess of life with a side of fear

Leap of clarity to self-care

I know personally when I hear about self-care? The first thing I think about, that jumps into my mind? Is baths, pedicures, manicures, retail therapy, physical things. I know of yoga & meditation for your soul and mind, but what about when it goes deeper than that? What about when your world is blurry from… Continue reading Leap of clarity to self-care


Honestly, I could have maybe thrown together a blog, some sort of something. I really like to write what I feel, it reads better, it is better, the reader is able to feel or imagine what I am saying. The last 3 weeks or so, I have been missing. I know how important it is… Continue reading M.I.A.