Pieces of the puzzle.

Last week was my baby’s birthday, I say that lightly because he turned six. He’s not ok with being six, he wanted to stay five forever- who wouldn’t right? He decided at his birthday party he would turn six, he is not getting any older than Seven though- apparently that is where the line is… Continue reading Pieces of the puzzle.

Happy Mothers Day

This isn't really a blog, I am not going to write forever like normal. Really I will try. Mothers day isn't all it is for everyone, Some people don't physically have their mother, some don't have a good mother, some have lost their children. I just want to say two things. First of all, Happy… Continue reading Happy Mothers Day

Discouraged Hope

Disappointments, they are, everywhere aren’t they? Every day, am to pm there they are. You start to wonder if you care too much. Maybe if you treated people like they treated you -things would be different. Maybe if you didn’t expect the same treatment you gave to others out of decency you wouldn’t feel the… Continue reading Discouraged Hope