Starting to look deeper

So I don't think I've done too bad on the 30-day journal thing, I don't blog it every day because I feel that would be too many posts, so I keep little notes everywhere. Hey, I do that to remember things too... good luck to my kids in the future when I can't remember anything.… Continue reading Starting to look deeper

Apologies to my body & mind

Hey! Guess who forgot to post again? lol I didn't fully forget, I took a few unplug days this week to spend time with my 2 favorite boys. Because HELLO? Summer literally went Juuuunne, JulAug, Damn near September. Why can winter not fly by like summer? No, it has to drag like the cold bullshit… Continue reading Apologies to my body & mind

Broken from Ordinary

    I don't think anyone of us can completely say that we are okay, that we haven't had experiences that broke us just a little or people who have hurt you in many different ways. There are just also others of us, who aren't ok- broken at best. Functioning Brokeness- is that a thing?… Continue reading Broken from Ordinary