Discouraged Hope

Disappointments, they are, everywhere aren’t they? Every day, am to pm there they are. You start to wonder if you care too much. Maybe if you treated people like they treated you -things would be different. Maybe if you didn’t expect the same treatment you gave to others out of decency you wouldn’t feel the… Continue reading Discouraged Hope

Beautiful Chaos

I had a late start today, I was up at six and then looked at my youngest asleep cuddled in my bed and said eff this and went back to sleep till 8:30, should have stayed up to slay the day but sometimes you just need to. I killed my workout and played building with… Continue reading Beautiful Chaos


Honesty- something we all look for in others, right? I mean we expect others to be honest with us, relationships, friendships, our children we want everyone to be honest. But how often are we honest with ourselves? I know I’m not, I want to be, but I don’t really look at myself as hard as… Continue reading Honesty