80 Day Obession

  So in mid janury, I had an injury and I couldn't squat the way I wanted anymore, after a few weeks I decided I couldn't just pull arm day every day because if you know me? I am leg day every day if it was up to me, it's my soul mate. Anyway, I… Continue reading 80 Day Obession


Iron is my therapy, sure I attend therapy with a therapist and counseling with a wonderful woman who helps me sort through my memories and the past of shit. Those people are great, and they are helping me, but they swirl up the memories, the thoughts and get my mind in a place where I… Continue reading IRON THERAPY

Broken pieces within mirrors

So yesterday was my four-year anniversary of starting my journey to a better, healthier life. The day I decided to wake up and stop being obese, ringing in the scale that day real close to 300lbs... 280 Fucking pounds! What? How did I even get there? Yet here I am sitting at 100 lbs lost,… Continue reading Broken pieces within mirrors