My Inspiration inventory.

So I am working on a myth-busting type blog again, I know I have done one already but there are so many- it's almost disturbing. It's not ready and other things going on in my life I decided that this blog would be the right thing to write today.  Inspiration can be anywhere right? I… Continue reading My Inspiration inventory.

WTF body and mind?

I haven’t written this week and now I probably will skip over the weekend, I feel terrible I LOVE the routine of 2 blogs a week, but life happens. I had a HUGE awesome thing happen this morning, deadlift day- I PR’d at 200lbs for one rep, I have been wanting this for so long;… Continue reading WTF body and mind?


Iron is my therapy, sure I attend therapy with a therapist and counseling with a wonderful woman who helps me sort through my memories and the past of shit. Those people are great, and they are helping me, but they swirl up the memories, the thoughts and get my mind in a place where I… Continue reading IRON THERAPY